Custom Drums

Hand Made Custom Drums

Hand made custom drums made to order and entirely to your specification.

People love the finish on my drums and they love the sound.

Having a custom made kit allows you to chose the sizes, the finish and holders that you want. You can not get this from an off the shelf kit. It is like having a suit made at Saville Row or buying one at Burtons!

My new hand made shells are made in the traditional way from Birch ply with solid Maple glue rings which gives the drum a lot of attack. The outside is finished with Maple veneer or indeed any wood of your choice e.g. English Oak, French Walnut, American Ash, Mahogany etc.

The shells are tuned and selected for each individual drummer and the sound that they are striving for eg. A rock player normally likes a deep sound with sustain. So I select shells with a deep tone. A jazz drummer would usually prefer a higher sound with a lot of attack and a crisp sound, especially the snare drum, the bass drum having an open sound. There are many options available. The choice is yours !

Quote from Russell Morgan, drum teacher and session drummer. I made him a kit in 1985 and he had it for 5 years. He sold it reluctantly to a friend who kept on to him to sell it and bought a Yamaha kit. Sold that and bought a Pearl Kit, sold it bought a Gretsch. Sold it bought a Ludwig, sold it, bought a Sonar. He rung me in January 2006 and said ” I have tried every make of kit but cannot get the same sound as i achieved with your drums!”. I have since made him a new Eddie Ryan kit comprising of 22×15 Bass Drum, 14×10, 12×8 and 10×7 Tom Toms. I am in the process at the moment of making a 13×6 Snare Drum. He keeps ringing me up saying “how marvellous they sound and record”.

Reproduction Ajax kit

Recently I was asked to make a reproduction Ajax kit i.e. made in the traditional Ajax way. The result was a 18 x 14 Bass Drum, 14 x 14 & 12 x 8 Tom Toms and a 14 x 4 Pipper Snare. Here is the result!

Ajax Kit

Ajax Kit Testimonial

Double Bass Drum – Separate Chambers

Reproduction of a 1960’s double bass drum with separate chambers and calf heads for that original sound.

Double Bass Drum - Separate ChambersDouble Bass Drum - Separate Chambers

Contact me to discuss pricing – you may be surprised!

Drum KitRobert Cavedon Drums

A 22″ bass drum hoop made of maple ply or 20″ Bass drum hoop mad of maple ply.

16 inch , 18 inch, 20 inch 22 inch 24 inch and 26 inch available.

Maple Bass Drum Hoop

Die-cast 14″, 10 lug.

Die Cast LugDie cast Hoop

1950's S Type
1950’s Type

Eight lug, 14″ x 4″ snare drum, made in the traditional way, with selected straight grain birch ply, with solid maple glue rings.

Finished with A1 grade maple veneer or any other colour of your choice ie.pearls, sparkles etc.

Fitted with er custom damper, supplied with calf batter head for that authentic fifties ‘rock and roll’ sound
14″ x 6″ snare drum

14" x 6" snare drumSolid maple shell 6mm, made in the traditional way, with solid maple glue rings.

14" x 6" snare drum

14 x 6 snareten lug die-cast hoops, ER custom damper’
Hand Made Rope Tension Drums

Hand Made Rope Tension DrumsAll sizes made

Pictures show 16″ x 16″ snare drum made from mahogany with solid ash glue rings.

Hand Made Rope Tension DrumsSolid ash counter hoops, gut snares, leather braces, modern snare release, fitted with calf heads. Choice of finishes.
14″ x 8″ Custom Designed Snare Drum

Made from birch and mahogany with a maple rosewood finish. 10 lug die-cast hoops, ER custom damper.

14" x 8" Custom Designed Snare Drum
Ian James Hand Made Eddie Ryan Custom Big Band Kit

Ian Young22″ X 15″ Bass Drum
13″ X 9″ Tom Tom
16″ X 16″ Tom Tom
14″ X 14″ Tom Tom ,
14″ X 6 1/2″ Snare Drum, With Die-Cast Hoops.

Made with eddie ryan traditional shells, birch and mahogany combination, finished in gene krupa marine pearl.

To hear the sound please click on the following link to Ian Young, drummer (Ian James Big Band).
Ian Ryan, Son Of Eddie Ryan

Ian Ryan, Son Of Eddie Ryan
Semi-pro drummer toured the U.S.

Plays with a country blues rock irish band ( available for gigs ! ).

Price £0.00 (!)

Editors note.
A top drummer, rubbish golfer!
Pick Withers – Dire Straits

 [Pick Withers - Dire Straits]

Mike Ellis

Mike Ellis playing my black and white kit used by Paul MacCartney.

Mike Ellis

Eddie Edwards – The Vibrators. Yellow / Blue kit.

Eddie Edwards - The Vibrators. Yellow / Blue kit.

10×8 and 12×9

0x8 and 12x9



Converted Leedy Kit. 16×16 Bass Drum, 13×12, 12×8, & 10×8 Tom Toms

Converted Leedy Kit. 16x16 Bass Drum, 13x12, 12x8, & 10x8 Tom Toms



Mark Bishop

Picking up his new E.R. Custom Kit. 24×16 bass Drum, 2 16×16 Toms (different Pitch) and 13×9 Tom Tom

Mark Bishop

Teaching my Grandson the ropes

Teaching my Grandson the ropes

Choice of lugs

Choice of lugs

Birch Shell, Ash Glue Rings. Bronze finish and tear drop lugs

Birch Shell, Ash Glue Rings. Bronze finish and tear drop lugs

Another E.R. Custom Kit for Roberto Cavedon (Italy). 12×8, 13×9, 16×16, 22×15, 14×12
Another E.R. Custom Kit for Roberto Cavedon (Italy). 12x8, 13x9, 16x16, 22x15, 14x12
Paul Kodish

Paul KodishCustomised and re-lacquered Gretsch kit which was made up of every size drum that Gretsch made. Finished it in rosewood lacquer.

Gareth Glynn

I thought it was high time I sent you a picture of my gold ER kit, with the 16″ kick, 10 and 13″ toms. I’ve been using this for some recording – very simple, Stax-style with one mic – and it sounds great and ideal for the old soul music we’re playing. The bass drum is very punchy but also has tons of low-end so makes for a real thumping sound.

Everyone loves these drums, even my missus – who doesn’t mind having 3 drum kits in the house because they look so stylish.

Gareth Glynn
Neil Conti Kit

NEIL CONTI KITThe kit has such a beautiful finish – tiger oak I call it. The sizes are 20 x 16, 10 x 8, 12 x 9, 15 x 13. These deeper sizes were unheard of when you made it back in 1981 …and then power toms became the fashion! The original kit had a 13 x 10 tom too but it got discarded to make the kit a little more compact and portable (it’s a coffee table now).

The snare is an old ’59 WFL that you renovated for me in a maple veneer with a really cool beading around the middle. I’ve been offered ridiculous amounts of money for that snare. It ain’t going nowhere.

NEIL CONTI KITAnd nor is this kit. I’ve sold a couple of kits in the last few years… Yamaha, Premier etc but this Eddie Ryan kit is comin with me to the grave!

I updated the feet and tom holder on the kick, cleaned it all up, new heads etc since getting the kit out of storage but otherwise it’s the same. And it sounds FANTASTIC – really warm and full and the kick packs an almighty punch. Used it for a jazz-funk gig last weekend and the sound guy flipped.

Anyway – thanks for years of pleasure from this kit Eddie. It’s been worth every penny… in fact it’s priceless… you can’t put a number on an instrument that becomes so much part of you and even affects how you play.

Great to be in touch again and good to see that you’re still making fabulous drums.

Cheers, Neil.
Tom Wenzel

These are my jazz drums. Returned to jazz in the last three years after
two decades of rock and all its variations and sub genres.

Been playing sporadic gigs around London and two jazz jam residencies.
Looking to get in a big band soon.
I’m using the jazz kit with either the 18″ or the 20″ bass drum. Mainly
use the 18″ x 14″ with calf skin heads on both sides, but when I play with
bigger ensembles in larger rooms its the 20″ x 14″ – also with two calf
skin heads to get a full and natural sound where the wood can boom without
going BAM.

“Eddie Ryan drums when new, somehow sound like they have been broken in
years ago. Whatever the wood chosen, he has his special gift for making a
drum that feels solid and sounds pure. In 50 years I can’t imagine how
they will sound, but these custom drums are what is going to be sought
after most along with 1950’s era Gretschs.”

“Thanks again Eddie for making me my vision, and of course in my view, the
drums I always dreamed of owning.”

Eddie, I will send a seperate email regarding the 22″ kit.


Tom WenzelTom Wenzel

Tom WenzelTom Wenzel

Tom Wenzel

Omar Hayes

After 26 years of playing the drums as a professional and as a drum teacher, I had owned and played some of the most prestigious drum kits ever made by Gretsch, Ludwig, Camco, DW, Sonor, Yamaha, Premier and Tama, all were very good, but I still wanted more!

In 2010 had the good fortune of becoming the owner of an Eddie Ryan custom drum kit, made from birch and mahogany shells with a maple veneer and a rosewood lacquer finish. Without any doubt I find the Eddie Ryan drums are the best I have ever played. This is due to their well defined strength of tone, fully balanced resonance and exceptionally sensitive dynamic response, creating maximum musicality in both live and studio situations, in all genres of music.

Omar Hayes
Professional drummer and educator

Omar HayesOmar Hayes

Omar Hayes

Chris Joyce - Simply RedChris Joyce – Simply Red

Kit I made for him back in the 80’s and he is still using it today!

Chris Joyce - Simply Red

Mark Bishop

Hi Eddie,

Mark BishopJust got back from a sell out tour with Flesh for Lulu supporting Goo Goo Dolls.

The Kit was fantastic. I recorded it for our new single “go get naked” this weekend and the kit was awesome.

Here’s a pic from Hammersmith Apollo.

Any rate all is cool and hope you are well and speak soon.
Mel Jones

Mel JonesThe first drum I had from Eddie was a 61/2″ snare drum which I believe had been made for someone else but he didn’t want it afterwards. His loss, my gain.
The photo with me in was taken in a small Rhondda Valley club back in the 80s and shows the first full kit made for me. Sizes were 22,12,13,14,16 plus the original snare drum.
I used this kit for quite a while mainly for larger venues including being in the house band of a large local cabaret club where we worked with acts as diverse as Bobby Davro, Jimmy Tarbuck, Kenny Lynch and Keith Harris with Orville the Duck. Lots of the stars of the TV show The Comedians also appeared with us.
We also worked alongside loads of the 60s groups that I had grown up with. They of course had their own drummers. One of them had the only other ER kit that I came across at that time.
I eventually sold the 22,14,16 drums to a great local drummer who I believe still has them. I still think that bass drum has an incredible sound.

The 20 kit, which I still have, is the one I played most through the ninetys for all sorts of gigs. It is such a nice kit to play – powerful, yet subtle when needed and tonally wonderful.
I kept the 12 and 13 toms to go with this setup and added a 14 floor tom. The cymbals shown are the ones I normally use with this kit – Istanbuls (pre split early 1980s – beautiful).

The jazz kit has an 18 inch bass and I use 10 and 13 inch toms with it. The photo shows it with a 70s Ludwig Supraphonic snare but I often use the 61/2″ ER snare with it. Great kit for jazz but I also use it for small club gigs whatever the music may be. I normally use smaller and lighter Zildjians (K, K&A custom and A.Kildjian &Cie) with this kit.
This kit was used extensively from the mid 90s until 2004 when I found it difficult to play after suffering a stroke.
Thank God, I’m back to it now. Getting back to playing again was very important to me.
One of my vocalist friends tells me that I couldn’t play before so not to worry about it. I tell him that I’ll only worry when I play as bad as he sings
Martin Scott

Martin ScottHere ‘a a pic of my 1978 kit , as re -covered by you a few years ago : still sounds and looks great !

Martin Scott
Dave Tosh

International Professional Drummer with his newDave Tosh ER Custom Kit 20 x 14 BD, 14 x14 Floor TT, 12 x 8 , 10 x 8 rack toms, 14 x 5.5 snare.

Dave ToshDave Tosh

Spitalfields Tea Dance 2014Spitalfields Tea Dance

First outing at the Waldorf Hotel.Dave Tosh Waldorf Hotel

Steve Howlett

Semi pro rock and roll drummer with his new ER custom kit 20 x 14, 14 x14, 13 x 9, 12 x8, 14 x 4.5

Steve Howlett

Elvis Presley Tribute Band

Hi Eddie

We hope all is well with you, your Guinness and rich tea biscuits.

Just thought that you would like to know that your 1986 red maple kit is still being worked very hard by Freddy in an Elvis Presley tribute band.

Wishing you all the best.

Freddy and Yvonne. x

Elvis Presley Tribute BandElvis Presley Tribute Band

Elvis Presley Tribute Band

Dave CollingsworthDave Collingsworth

Big band drummer, with a new ER kit.
Drum sizes are 20 x 15 bass, 13 x 9 , 14 x 14 , 16 x 16 in black glass glitter.
He also has a 14 x 5 1/2 ER snare drum.
Jazzette Kit

This is a Jazzette Kit. 18 x 12 BD, 12 x 8 and 14 x 14 tom toms.

Jazzette Kit

Clark, my GrandsonClark, my Grandson’s, kit.

Playing with the well known rock and roll band The Midnights.

Drum sizes, 22 x 14 BD, 12 x 8 and 16 x 16 tom tom, 14 x 4 1/2 snare.

Clark, my GrandsonClark, my Grandson
Jazzette Kit

18 x12 BD, 12 x 8 and 14 x 14 TT

Jazzette Kit

David Hayes

David HayesHi Eddie

I had to tell you that the 14” Floor tom you made me to match the Ajax sounds fantastic, and If I take the kit out as a four piece, the 14” is the tom I always take now. It sounds superb, thank you very much. I have attached a pictured of the kit with both floor toms.

 Also, when I saw you you showed me your 50’s type snare drums (4” I think).Great sound !

Kind regards
David Hayes
Alex Kirkham

Alex KirkhamThis is a photo of me recording at 2 fly studios in Sheffield. The sound guy said he’d recorded a Tama reference kit the week before and it wasn’t close to yours. The kit is brilliant thanks so much. The band is going great also doing some session work always proud to display your logo. 

All the very best
Alex Kirkham
Concert Bass Drum

This is a 22 x 22 Baritone Rope Tension Calf Heads Concert Bass Drum, especially commissioned.

Concert Bass DrumConcert Bass Drum - 22 x 22

Eddie Ryan Gig Kit

Eddie Ryan Gig KitEric Thunder

A small Eddie Ryan kit which served me well over many years on various gigs. Built May 1991.
Rab – UK Subs 1986
Rab - UK Subs 1986
Completely reconditioned 1957/58 Ajax kit

reconditioned 1957/58 Ajax kit.
I think this one was built for a special endorsee, the bass drum is 20 x 15 the standard ones were usually 20 x 14. Toms are 16 x16 and 12×8.

Fantastic sound, the best European drums ever made.

Please contact Eddie if you are interested in acquiring it.
Repro Ajax Badges available
Repro Ajax Badges

Making Drums

Cutting timber for shells

Cutting timber for shells
Cutting 45 degree bearing edge

Cutting 45 degree bearing edge
Putting ash into steam box for glue rings and hoops
Putting ash into steam box for glue rings and hoops
Routing out inlay groove
Routing out inlay groove
Spraying hoops
Spraying hoops

Cutting covering for drums
Cutting covering for drums

Flatening bearing edges

Flatening bearing edges
Checking bearing edges on marble
 [Checking bearing edges on marble]
Drilling Shell
Drilling Shell

Please contact me for more or pricing information.