Custom Drums


Some Of My Customers Include:

  • U2 – Sorprano Snare Drum, 1980’s
  • Martin Chambers – Pretenders
  • Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder – they were used on the Ebony & Ivory video. (I wonder what happened to the kit ?)
  • Pick Withers – Dire Straits.
  • Chris Joyce – Simply Red
  • Charlie Charles – Ian Dury and the Blockheads
  • Eddie & The Hot Rods
  • Dave Mattocks – 2 kits, four snare drums
  • John Coghlan – Status Quo
  • John Wilson – Skid Row – An endorsee of Hayman Drums. He needed a 16 inch bass drum which was not included in the Hayman kit. I made the shell for him and added the Hayman lugs etc.
  • Louie Bellson – 14 x 6 1/2 snare drum – solid rosewood
  • Paul Kodish – Customised and re-lacquered Gretsch kit which was made up of every size drum that Gretsch made. Finished it in rosewood lacquer.

Paul KodishPaul Kodish Message

  • Nicholas Ormerod – Senior percussionist at Covent Garden opera house. Orchestral and session drummer. Also made a replica ‘George Wade’ 10 X 7 tom tom for him.
  • Brian Bennett – Shadows
  • Jack Parnell, big band drummer and conductor and Rick Parnell and Mark Parnell
  • Rex Bennett – Session drummer
  • Mel Jones -session drummer
  • Pearce – Rage

Pearce - Rage

  • Bulent (AKA Bill) – Turkish drum

Turkish Drum

  • Matt Skelton, playing his 1950’s WFL red glitter kit, fitted with calf heads at Abbey Road Studios, London.

Matt Skelton

  • Tom Wenzel – USA
  • John Moss (Culture Club)
  • Richard Pite (Peter Long Big Band)
  • John English (Gene Vincent)
  • Paul Patrick (BBC Philharmonic)
  • Chris Joyce (Simply Red)
  • Josh Albertis
  • Richard Marcangile (Romer)
  • Jeff Britton (Wings)
  • The Globe Theatre
  • David Tosh (Glyndebourne Opera)
  • Dollerbill
  • Rick Lee (Stargazers) (Las Veg.As)
  • Malcolm Mortimore (Spike Heatley Band)
  • Mark Bishop


  • ChipsLetter from Eddie Edwards – The Vibrators
  • Modern Romance
  • Billy Cobham – 12 x 4½ snare drum
  • Derek Farrall – Big Tom Show Band, Ireland
  • Bob Dylan Band
  • Ian Young’s Big Band
  • Eddie Edwards – The Vibrators
Eddie Edwards
  • Phil Rudd – ACDC
  • Dagenham Corps Band
  • UK Subs
  • Pheeroan Aklaft – Craig Harris (USA)
  • Matchbox – all of the drums had the Confederate Flag, A lot of work!
  • Motorhead
  • Family
  • The Jam
  • Marmalade
  • The Stawbs
  • Trevor Morrell – Johnney Johnson and the Bandwagon
  • Clive Thackery – Georgie Fame
  • ACE

Michael Simmonds

Michael SimmondsPicking up his 1957 Ajax Kit good as new. Great sound – calf batter heads fibre skins.

Roberto Cavedon

Roberto CavedonIn Rome with Roberto Cavedon

Tobias Humble

Plays for James McCartney, Paul’s son.
Complete overhaul, bearing edges, new fittings and heads.

Phil Lincoln

The Graham Bond Organization.

Robbie Murray

Robbie MurrayI was never anything more than a reasonably competent tradesman, doing Holiday Camps, Palais, Theatre pit work, American Bases and general gigging. I grabbed the chance to go on the boats in the days when ships looked like ships and not blocks of flats, which allowed me to travel the world doing the one thing I loved, getting paid for it, I would never be short of work. I sailed out of Miami for a couple of years in the very early days of cruising, which gave me the opportunity to buy my dream kit from Mannys in New York, which served me well for many years but eventually, after coming back ashore and doing a lot of gigging, slinging everything in and out of the car without cases, it was pretty knocked about.

Robbie MurrayI brought it to you for serious medical attention, and now, thanks to Doctor Eddie, I have just about the most beautiful 1972 Gretsch Progressive Jazz kit I could imagine, with the bonus that, as you discovered, despite sporting the first of the stop sign badges, the shells are actually round badge, and they don’t get better than that.

I cant claim to have been in any famous bands, but I did enjoy having Dizzy Gillespie sit in with us every night for 2 weeks in the Caribbean, and I have a wonderful memory of backing Sonny Stitt when he came to Norwich which I’ll always treasure.
English National Ballets Ludwig Bass Drum

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I, and others, have been with the heads you put on our new Ludwig Bass drum. Sounds fantastic!!!

I’ve attached a photo of me and drum in the Barbican Theatre.

Best wishes,
Austin Beattie

English National Ballet Ludwig Bass Drum

Richard Marcangelo

Richard MarcangeloDrummer with the band ‘ Rumer’

1960’s Gretsch, bearing edges re-cut and re-finished.
David Balen Recording and Session Drummer

David Balen Recording and session drummer Re finished Gretsch in green pearl, bearing edges, new heads etc
Steve Christie

Steve ChristieWith his 1950’s Gretsch refinished in glass glitter, new heads etc.